Bob Motown is an artisty type guy who specializes in illustration & traditional fine-art stuff . 
Bob cut his drawing teeth in the concert poster scene and made himself a name in the screen-printing game with his old company Two Rabbits Studios. Now splitting his time between London (UK) and Los Angeles (USA) Bob works on a myriad of projects. Sometimes working with big brands like Converse, Samsung, and Urban Outfitters (just to name a few),  painting pizza on the side of buildings, or doodling on the bar tops of your local pub. Representing several Cat Art Collectives greatly informs Bob's current work. So yeah, it's safe to assume he likes cats... But he hates talking about himself in the third person too so I'm gonna stop now. If you like what you see and wanna know more HOLLER AT ME! 



A feature on my solo show The Good The Bad & The Fuzzy. 2014

Professional illustrator and printmaker Bob Motown, introduces the Autodesk SketchBook Mobile app for the GALAXY Note II, with special features available exclusively via Samsung Apps. Bob loves to draw cats and demonstrates how he uses the S Pen and Autodesk SketchBook to do this.

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Had a little feature in this video for BREAKS magazine. For their coverage of Converse CONS 'Breakpoint' project. Their four-way collaboration with Europe's most revered trainer stores - London's FOOTPATROL, Amsterdam's Patta, Solebox from Berlin and Paris' Starcow. 

Hackney WickED Festival 2014 Interviews Featuring: HIN John Atherton Bob Motown ( Sisetta Zappone ( Vilmar Pellisson ( Maciej Hoffman and Wife ( Rosie Emerson ( Festival Directors Anna Maloney and Laura May Lewis Swan Wharf The Peanut Factory Studios Fish IslandLabs ( Stour Space ( East London Printmakers ( Music "Heartbeat (Mountains of Pixels Remix)" by Jake Allison ( More at Presented by ROOMS

An ancient interview from back when I was with my old company Two Rabbits Studios.